Private Dining Rooms Little Italy Baltimore Maryland MD
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Little Italy, 217 South High Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
Private Dining Rooms Little Italy Baltimore Maryland MD
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When you dine at Da Mimmo...You Dine with the Stars.

Our reputation spreads wide and far. Da Mimmo is a destination for many famous people traveling through Baltimore. Below is our photo Gallery of some of the people we have had the pleasure of meeting and serving.

Paul AnkaPaul Anka

Frankie AvalonTony Bennett

Tony Bennett          Tony Bennett          Michael Buble

Johnny Depp          Danny Devito          Faye Dunaway

Dustin Hoffman          Liza Minnelli          Tom Selleck

Sylvester Stallone          Jean Stapleton          Sugar Ray Leonard

John Travolta          Ben Vereen          Stevie Wonder

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Da Mimmo's Italian Restaurant in Little Italy, Baltimore offers Private Dining Rooms. Located in Little Italy, Baltimore. MD

Private Dining Rooms Baltimore's Little Italy | Private Dining Rooms Baltimore Maryland
Private Dining Rooms Little Italy Baltimore | Private Dining Rooms Little Italy Baltimore MD

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